Brave hijacked me



I’m new to Brave after learning about it by accident. I understand the software is presented as ‘experimental’ and thank all that support it. We (the internet community) need this software very badly!

I downloaded it last evening, and intended to try it out today. Unfortunately, there is a problem::>

I elected NOT to import my settings from my firefox browser until I had tried it and evaluated whether I would like to continue using it. So, an hour ago, I set out to play with the new install. Much to my surprise, I found that Brave had already imported my firefox profile!!! R-E-A-L-L-Y?? WHY??!!

But, it gets even better…

It appears that Brave made changes to my existing firefox installation!!! When I opened firefox, and clicked on “preferences”, my firefox install was already modified!!! It showed the Brave preferences format, my default firefox browser now has its original firefox preferences instead of the preferences it should have shown?

How do I get restore my old preferences back?? And, why did Brave make changes to my default browser without asking?? Not only did it make the changes without my approval, it didn’t even notify me that the changes had been made.

Now, I have a new problem. How do I restore my default firefox browser preferences back to the original (pre-Brave installation) settings??

Also, I can’t create my own tags, the forum software demands that I select 1 of 4 options that it presents and none of them were even close to the tags that I needed to declare.


OK, here’s an update.

Please see the screen capture so you can see what I am seeing when I try to use my default firefox profile.

My firefox seems fully functional, but I haven’t done a full evaluation.

So, when I open firefox and open the preferences, the screen I used to get is nowhere to be found, and instead firefox displays the same preference page as Brave does! I never asked for Brave to modify my firefox browser though.

In the attached screen capture, there are 4 categories showing in the upper left corner of the screen capture. Note that this screen capture is my Firefox (default) browser, NOT BRAVE.

On the firefox preferences page, there should be 8 or 9 different categories that I am used to using and that I need to recover.

How do I restore my firefox browser to its original form???

So, here’s what I’ve done so far (which didn’t work).

I unistalled and purged the configuration files for brave.

Blockquote sudo apt-get --purge remove brave


Blockquote sudo apt autoremove

Then I restarted my computer.

After the restart, the firefox preferences shows up exactly as Brave did, and I’d like to have my old (original) preferences page back.

I hope there is some help for me from this forum or from a different source. My newest backup of firefox is now a month old, which is an eternity-my computer runs around 12 hours per day and having to revert to my old backup to restore firefox is very very difficult because so many changes have been made in the last month.

I use Xubuntu OS, with an I5 processor with lots of ram in a Lenovo ThinkCenter M91P punch box. I have a 128 GB SSD and have a fully encrypted home folder. The system flies-my ex wife had a hissy fit when my mature linux system booted 5 times faster than her high end work computer! I have never found any Linux compatibility issues with this system, which cost me $60 plus shipping. Is there any chance that the linux version of Brave needs tweaking? The version of Brave I installed is from the ubuntu software center.



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