Brave Helper hogging CPU


Since updating my Mac to the latest OS High Sierra v10.13.1, my Brave browser is now really sluggish. A new “Brave Helper” process is hogging over 300% CPU, and If I kill the process, the page I’m viewing stops working.

This seems to happen on all versions of Brave, as I have just updated to the latest release to see if it solves the issue, but no luck.

To re-create this, go to and try zooming in and out on the graph. Now check the activity monitor to view the Helper process thats causing the issue.

I always used to have this issue with Google Chrome Helper too, which is why I switched to Brave. But since the Mac update, Brave now has the same problem, so I’ve switch to Safari until it can be resolved.

Any suggestions?



Haven’t seen any response to this one, but I’m seeing the same thing - the Brave “helpers” are gobbling up my MacBook Pro battery …

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