Brave help center keeps opening up

the above link keeps opening up in new tabs randomly while streaming videos on OTT sites.
i have the latest version of brave. V1.28.105
i’m using windows 10 on a hp laptop.
the same incident happened even as i was typing in this topic. its very annoying and i would like to know if there is any fix for this.

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Wow, you actually managed to keep like ~200 tabs open at the same time… yes, I’m another “keep the trail behind” guy.

But your screenshot doesn’t show the problem: you typed in the message and this board automatically expands a brief preview, so that readers can get a glimpse without having to click the link. Unless you wrap the link in “backticks” as I have done.

If the support site actually pops up unexpectedly, please share screenshot of that and how to reproduce. But first try and see if it happens without those 200 tabs open at the same time.

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this is happening to me as well, it seems to happen randomly, usually centering around the \ keys, as well as the “H” key, and the spacebar seems to be repeatable. this is getting extraordinarily bothersome, is there any way to disable the center in settings? or perhaps block the site?

this has ben happening to me whenever i press the space bar, as well as some other Keyes as outlined in my full reply, any advice?

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