Brave have a short memory (lost tabs and bookmarks)

Brave have a short memory. When I reboot my system or quit brave, I often lose all saved data for the past few days.

For example, I tried to prevent this by bookmarking all my tabs before a restart. But when I opened again brave, I had the same session than few days before, and the folder I created was missing (because it wasn’t existing 4 days before).


  1. Open anything in tab
  2. Bookmark the tab
  3. Restart
  4. Bookmark is missing

Expected result:
When I bookmark a tab, I expect that it is persistent

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Via snapcraft : Version 1.35.101 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

How can I force brave to save my current session ? I guess that there should be a task that takes regular snapshot of the session in order to restore it after an unexpected termination. How can I force the execution of the snapshot or increase its frequency ?


The following requires your determination, your willingness to study, and to write down your every discovery that works, or not, so that you can map out an array of the settings that work for each website.

You will help yourself greatly, by becoming a master of all the settings at:




And, when visiting each website, make your Shields choices:

Now, you may wonder, What happened to the business of bookmarking each website?

One answer is, that bookmarks do not remember all the other settings, mentioned previously.

Meanwhile, please get into the habit of manually backing up your Bookmarks:

Especially, given that you are trying to preserve your Bookmarks at the end of the day . . . then really do that, by exporting a copy . . . that you can import the next day.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m already making my own backups. Each time I close brave I manually export my bookmarks, then I import them when I restart it. But I see no reason why it should be my job, that is painful. Since when a bookmark is considered a temporary thing ? And it doesn’t preserve me of unexpected failures or events, in this case I lose them.

With Firefox, when closed unexpectedly, the worst I get is maybe a 5 minute loss of data, and bookmarks are stone persisted. This seems to me as the expected behavior. That’s why I posted here instead of “feature request”. Don’t you think it is a bug ?


Something is not right.

Good to make the backups.

Did you go here:


and UN-CHECK everything? Quit Brave Browser. Start Brave Browser. And see what happens?

You are using Linux, and that requires some terminal application, command line skill.

Perhaps, find out if the file permissions are correct for the Bookmarks file?

On my Mac, the permissions are 600 (- rw - - - - - - -).

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