Brave has unnecessary bar at the top of the screen on notched apple devices

Brave is adding extra room at the top of the page on both beta and stable.
When I first full screen Brave on my 2021 M1 Pro Macbook Pro (Control+Command+F), it brings in an extra filler area which i suspect is supposed to be to fill the space above the notch. Problem is, Apple already covers that with their own software, so it is just empty space.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. launch Brave
  2. Fullscreen
  3. if on notched apple device, notice the extra empty space at the top

Expected result:
Brave should fullscreen without having a space filler for the notch.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.44.105 (stable, however it has happened since I got the macbook back in April of this year.

Thanks for reaching out. This is actually the expected behavior from Chromium browsers (Brave included). I think the logic here is to make space for the title bar at the top so it can drop down without impeding on the content within the browser window but that’s just speculation.

You will see this same behavior in Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome or any other Chromium based based browser on macOS.

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