Brave has stopped showing me any adverts

Description of the issue:
I am no longer seeing any Brave ads despite notification settings being on, 5 ads per hour and windows 10 ad settings are on and allowed with no focus assist problem.
How can this issue be reproduced? brave
2.browse the web all day (8 hours) a single brve ad for months

Expected result:
no ads
Brave Version( check About Brave):
V1.21.77 (Mar 15, 2021)
Additional Information:

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hi, still not seeing any ads ever on brave despite all my setting being ok. can anyone help? does brave have any support or is it just a voluntary community?

EDIT: First, you need to update your browser:

Hi @emergency666, do you have any active campaigns being supported in your country right now?

If so, do you see current ones running, here?

Hi @saereV
Thanks for your reply.
Yes my browser updated on April 1st to 1.22.71 automatically but no ads are showing still.
According to the the links you posted there are over 20 campaigns in my region and the sampson catalogue viewer shows which ones they are…but still no ads being displayed to me!

Hi @emergency666, it seems like some setting(s) might need adjustment. When you can take the time, I really suggest reading these, as they’ve helped many (including myself) set ad notifications and settings correctly. :slight_smile:

FAQ for all OS:

Troubleshooting for Win10:

Even more troubleshooting for all OS:

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