Brave has lost it completely

OK, so now it’s official. Brave has lost it completely.

Completely uninstalled Brave (on a Mac) and downloaded an older version, see what it does.

First of all, the older version knew my bookmarks. Smart!
Proof of Brave sneaking around behind one’s back showing the middle finger and saying it gives a priority (word changed because Brave doesn’t allow to use the correct word for it) about your privacy.

Thank you Brave.

But here come the best,

Brave believes we need to choose a day/time BRAVE determines as the correct.
Because if you live in a time zone that says it’s October 2, 2021 and the time is 12:57:14, THAT is wrong.
Yes, dear God Brave, OK, so please, would you mind (if you say this time is wrong), would you at least mind telling me the time, then?

This is ridiculous. I used many “Intelligent” browsers before but Brave, INDEED, is the most intelligent of all. Far out.

Brave, you are such a piece of Shougleduoblewoopledoe, it’s not even funny anymore.

And of course, An SSL secured server isn’t secure neither. ACCORDING TO BRAVE!

Brave, if you believe isn’t secure then you surely must believe you’re one of the NWO gods, too.

Thanks for reaching out to us.
However, I’m not really sure what the issue you’re trying to point out is? Can you please clarify the exact behavior you’re seeing?

I think I can tell you.
If he’s like me, he’s getting the “time is wrong” error message when accessing sites and the various not secure error messages.

I get the same. My Brave browser doesn’t let me access

So you see this message when you try to go to any website?
On the New Tab page, is the clock displayed there accurate and/or does it match the format displayed on your system clock?

Googling “what is my system time” should display the current time on the PC. If this is different, change via the windows settings

If the PC keeps desyncing or losing time. Then its probably the cmos battery on the motherbaord that needs replacing.

Also update the Operating system will help with some SSL errors.

I think he’s on a Mac.

Regardless though, if your system clock is wrong (maybe check accuracy against, you will have certificate validation issues against secured web sites. It could explain your problems.

If your system clock is correct then maybe something else is going on.

Make sure the OS is to up to date would be my first step. Would also check the system time within MacOS also.

@Mark was the only one who got it.
Then, the rest came up with their idea the system clock was wrong and that I should GOOGLE my time. What? Are you guys serious?

I try that again. Perhaps this time you take some time out and actually read, i mean R E A D what is written.

Brave believes we need to choose a day/time BRAVE determines as the correct.

Note: where on earth do you take it from, me saying my system clock is wrong? Furthermore, why do you assume I don’t know my time? Much further still, what makes you ignore me telling that Brave disregards the local time and thus, tries to tell me my time is wrong, instead? !

Because if you live in a time zone that says it’s October 2, 2021 and the time is 12:57:14, THAT is wrong. Preformatted text OK, perhaps I should’ve said; …Brave believes that is wrong!

Here I even go and explain, further. The time zone I live is where I live. Full Stop!
At least by now, you should have understood, something is wrong with Brave’s ability to recognise local times. If I live in +8 time zone, well, sorry to disappoint you, Brave, but that’s what it is, whether you like it or not.

But this is just the beginning of Brave’s totally screw up. In another post I mention several other issues Brave seems to have.

Brave has just totally lost it. I tried to explain their issue in “Raising Issues” with every update they bring out, which again for the ones who have difficulties to understand; Every time Braves releases another update, Brave gets worse. That is not an update, that is a deterioration! Updates are supposed to make things better, not worse.

If Brave thinks believes otherwise, OK, excuse my ignorance on that. I am not a Tech Guru but am happy Not being one because at least I can see blue as blue and red as red, still.

And Yes, my OS is up-to-date and so is (sorry, was [explained in another post]) my Brave browser, too.

This is the worst issue report I’ve ever read. It’s extremely difficult to understand what you’re reporting. All I see is emotional complaining.

Summarise the issue, explain how to reproduce (with enumerated bullet points if that helps with clarity), add image examples of the problems.

Write your post so that it will make it easiest for people to understand and address. Remove opinions and emotions.
That will get you results much faster.

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Your problem, not mine.
If you see emotions in FACTS, perhaps you need to join our smart international fact-checkers, they have difficulties too, accepting a fact as a fact.
That was another “Emotional” report, I guess.
Yup, truth hurts, I know. Specifically these days where life has turned artificial and living space moved from grounds to clouds.

I want to inform u that my brave certificate is showing “invalid” and connection is not private.And unable to browse brave related sites and ads.I am using windows 7 professional (64 bit) operating system. That is why, I think my brave browser not updated my balance after viewing ads.My brave balance is not updated at all. Please take a look at this problem arises due to invalid certificate!!!

@sampson @Mattches @steeven @tmancey @brendan


Screenshot_2021-10-02-08-29-44-59|455x500 cert is very valid btw. Does Chrome do the same thing?

If on Windows 7, I would upgrade windows 7 to SP1. Just download all the updates available.

Also, do you get any cert errors on my homepage, ?

If you’re getting any cert errors; try following these directions:


I didn’t understand anything about your post. In fact, I just read complaints that don’t help at all replicating the problem. It seems to me more an emotional issue than a technical one until further clarification.

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Is clearing SSL State in Internet properties working for everyone now? @VaibhavVashist @meowei

As I have updated my windows 7 to sp1 , it is still showing an error while opening brave related sites and ads.And balance is not updated after viewing sponsored ads.

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