Brave has its own wallet

Brave has its own wallet. Why unable to store BAT on this wallet?

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@Aman_M can probably explain. Ref.:

Feedback: Solana Network (positive)


@Yarith You can separately buy/transfer/transact and swap BAT on Ethereum network in Brave wallet.

Regarding getting rewards BATs in Brave wallet, it is more due to KYC/AML issues but it is still possible via transfer from a custodian- Uphold/Gemini/BitFlyer.


Aman answered it flawlessly. The reason is because of government regulations. For Brave to allow Brave Rewards on Brave Wallet, they would need to KYC/AML all users…which means in order to use Brave Rewards you’d have to provide all your driver’s license, full address, social security number (or equivalent depending on location), and so much more. It would be crazy to force that just to use a browser.

On top of that, Brave would also be required to obtain certain types of licenses and all, such as money-transmitter license. You can see where Brave addressed this at


Thanks, but Uphold or Gemini is not avable in my country yet.

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Oh. It is so messy just to receive BAT rewards.

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Not really. I mean, as a company there’s a lot Brave has to do on their end. As for us, it’s just a matter of using the browser and not doing anything silly. Then if you want to turn BAT into money, you connect Uphold or Gemini, so long as they accept your region. I mean, overall pretty simple.

What makes it sloppy a lot of times are people who try to use multiple browsers, use VPN to appear different places, try to get into Logs or modify things in their browsers, etc. I try to keep it simple overall.

But yeah, if Uphold or Gemini isn’t allowing you to use Brave in your region, then you’re just pretty much storing BAT in your browser and that’s it. You can tip people if you want, otherwise keep stockpiling until they allow you to verify somewhere and get it into an exchange for money.

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