Brave has "found my ad activity suspicious" and has stopped all brave rewards

This feature is a joke… Just stop all the pretense and tell us you’re keeping the BAT all to yourselves to make more money… My “account” has had LITERALLY every excuse in the book possible for why this doesn’t work… It’s okay, I get it. Just be transparent and say that it has NEVER been Brave’s intention for these rewards to work properly…

What does that even mean? We don’t decide when ads show up. If the “ad activity” is suspicious it’s Brave that’s doing it.

EDIT: Is this even a real thing? You can get suspended from brave rewards if the browser decides to show you ads in a way that some monitoring program finds suspicious? We can’t control that.

Actually, you can. Most of what they find suspicious is people trying to modify data OR doing things like changing their IP address, time zone, etc which influences which ads are shown to you. People often do that to bypass ad restrictions. But there’s a lot that people intentionally try to do in order to defraud Brave and earn cash in their pockets. We’ve even had some of those people share screenshots here where it claimed they made over 1,000 BAT in just a single month…which is impossible.

You’ve posted twice before. The last time you posted here, you had Steeven write you and so did I, but you never responded. So I’m not sure if you’re here to troll or what your story might be. At this point in time, all I can suggest is you fill out a Support Ticket at

You also can check out information in the FAQ which may be able to help you as well. An FAQ I wrote and has been pinned by Brave is PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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