Brave has filled itself with cruft, and it has slowed to a crawl

Brave was wonderful when I 1st installed it. It has been almost 10 months, and it has slowly filled itself with cruft and it has slowed to a baby crawl. Even worse, it pulls so many resources that it constantly locks up my computer.

I can’t just “wipe it clean” because my bank and other critical sites have installed cookies. Brave does not give me fine access to protect those sites while wiping everything else…

Is it time to remove Brave and to go back to Firefox and Opera as my default browsers or are the problems going to be fixed???

Tired of power button crashing my computer when Brave locks it up.

It usually happens when I have several power hungry tabs open, and the anti-virus gets started.
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  1. Run Brave for 10 months and allow it to fill itself with cruft.
    1a. It would be nice to be able to clean things out occasionally, but you NEED those cookies from your bank and 50 other critical daily use sites. PROBLEM: No way to protect CRITICAL SITE COOKIES, and just delete the rest.
  2. Open 5-10 You-Tube video windows. (only 1 is playing)
  3. Wait for your antivirus to activate. (or not) Sometimes Brave locks up the computer all on it’s lonesome. No outside help needed, thank you very much.

Watch your mouse and the entire computer lock up, Then hold the power button down to crash/kill your computer and reboot. None of my other browsers do this.

It seems like a design flaw to me.

Problem was stated in the last post. Here is the simple solution:

Allow users to “white list certain sites” so as to preserve all cookies, passwords, etc…
and just wipe everything else clean. Crude, simple, and barbaric, but problem solved.

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