Brave has completely frozen up multiple times since update 0.13.4

  1. Using Windows 10
  2. Using Brave version 0.13.4
i. Brave will suddenly freeze at random moments and has to be closed using Task Manager
ii. It appears # of tabs open is not a factor - has frozen with just one tab open
iii. I cant tell if its a website compatibility issue - it seems to be a 50/50 chance of freezing on websites that are compatible
iv. It also seems to happen regardless of shields being up or down
v. It has never become frozen/crashed until today - most recent update

It may just be happening to me but I’m stumped.


Do you have a large amount of bookmarks imported into Brave?


been experiencing this a lot too. do not have a lot of bookmarks. same version as Sriram.


I have Brave for Mac and it freezes all the time. I’ve had to stop using it until this issue is fixed. Sucks…


I too have experienced the freeze since the last update. If you wait almost a minute it will come back and if you have touched around it will open a bunch of tabs


Out of the folks above ^ , how many of you have either:

  1. Turned on Sync

  2. Opened A LOT (more than 20) tabs




Hi, the perf issue will be slowly but surely fixed. the team recognizes the issue and is trying to fix it asap. best,