Brave hangs network communication across all tabs for all downloads

Description of the issue:
When downloading any file, Brave hangs network communication across all tabs for 5-10 seconds at the same time the file is fully downloaded (but before the file becomes accessible). Although I can still click through tabs, no links can be navigated to, nor can addresses be navigated to manually. Once the download completes all tabs will suddenly begin working normally again.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download any file

Expected result:
Downloads should not lock navigation.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
-Problem has been happening for months
-OS: Windows 10, up-to-date
-No third-party endpoint protection
-Tried clearing all cached data + cookies
-Disabled hardware acceleration
-Tried reinstalling

@tralin ,

If you Sign-In to your bank and are downloading a PDF file such as your bank account statment, then your bank and you, will likely want the integrity of the connection between the bank website and your Internet browser to not become a problem.

The bank website will be very sensitive to indications of tampering.

In fact, financial websites have become hypersensitive (using a variety of dynamic responses) to such “tampering” indications, leading up to, including Sign-In . . . all the way until you Sign-Out or (usually) the bank website cuts the proceedings because the website is no longer satisfied regarding the integrity of the connection or a risk measurement regarding whom you (and your computing device ID / “fingerprinting”) appeared/claim to be.

The problem of such websites’ “new” hypersensitivity to those “tampering” indicators, increased thru the second half of 2021, and have made the actions for a Sign In, a bigger problem for customers.

Brave Browser has a lingering problem, downloading some PDF files that have SPACE or other non-alphabetic non-numeric characters in the filenames.

PS. @tralin , might you consider changing your Title for your OP (Original Post), to:

“Brave hangs network communication across all tabs for all downloads”


@tralin Open a private window by holding CTRL+SHIFT+N, then make a test by downloading files.


I am not having a problem; but the OP is having a problem with multi-processing via tabs - connected apparently to links other than the download website of interest.

Hey, 289; thanks for the follow up!

I’m not sure what banking or PDFs with funny names have to do with this (all files cause this problem).

I’m happy to change the name, however.


Hey, CerealLover; thanks for following up!

Private windows have the same issue. To test, I opened a private window and went to, then right clicked an image, saved it to my desktop, and opened a new tab to try to browse elsewhere.

Tabs in both the private window and my main (non-private) window are all frozen for 5-10 seconds while the image just hangs there waiting to complete. The moment the download completes, all tabs begin behaving normally again.


Shameless bump.

Just hoping to get this resolved, as it’s extremely painful to have all communication lock up every time I download something (Right click an image and save, get a file from Google Drive, save a PDF from email…).


I’m wondering if you have any extensions installed that may be causing this behavior?

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Hey, Mattches. Thanks for the follow up.

No extensions for me; overall, I have a pretty plain setup.


Would you mind trying to create a new test profile (ensure you close the original profile window you had open), attempt to download something, and tell me if Brave behaves the same way when using the new profile?

That’s a good suggestion!

I gave it a try but it had the same issue (actually it took a lot longer just to open the Save As dialog).


I’m actually now wondering if you see this behavior in other browsers on your machine? Do you have another browser (ideally Chromium based) you can test this behavior on?

Just gave it a try with Chrome and Edge (already on my machine) and downloading works exactly as expected (download completes quickly, does not lock-up communication).

I installed Vivaldi for testing this and it works entirely fine as well.


Well that’s certainly unexpected. I’m unclear on why it would be behaving normally for all other browsers except Brave. Let me reach out to some team members and see if I can get some more eyes on this

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