Brave - hacked email

so i started using brave a few weeks i woke up today to a bunch of emails bounced back from my buisness email account in addition to a password reset request and ORDER from ebay,
the emails bounced back were the generic spam with just a link what has brave and specificly brave rewards in my crosshair is the link in these emails go to the SAME crypto mining trash that reward ads show.
i have NEVER had an email account hacked even my 19+ year old yahoo account that i use EVERYwhere has never been hacked,
i guess im writing this in the hopes that this either warns people or gets something fixed, for now i am back to firefox - not as good but has prooven more secure for me.

What a mess. The punctuation is not the best, my translation machine fails here. Nevertheless, I try to contribute something useful:

What’s Brave got to do with it?

[More frustration deciphering the message…]

This can be general phishing. You may have left traces of your email somewhere that were associated with Brave things.

I recommend to have a look at this page first.
I would check both email(s) and passwords here.
This is useful if you think that you have been hacked. I read from your email that this is phishing. Well…

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wow thanks for remininding me of my dyslexia (isnt there a rule about criticizing people?), but i AGREE Hacked is not the correct word however once all alternatives have been cleared it leaves brave, no other changes have been made to the system, passwords are requlary changed to the most complex possible in addition the effected email is ONLY used in about 4 places all are small business, and all have been contacted,

also not while my post may seem all negative i did not say i was never going to use brave or anything stupid like that it was something i simply wished to state that happened within 3 weeks of using brave be dismissive if you wish but be repectful, many thanks

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Yip Daniel,
I was shocked when I went to this site to see that all my accounts were listed. haveibeenpwned is invaluable. It seems that anyone who uses the internet should use this site. Regularly.

I’d be interested to know if you do find your accounts listed on the haveibeenpwned site.
I wonder how many accounts are NOT listed? :thinking:

Yes, some people are dyslexic. My Grade 1 teacher began my ‘therapy’ process with me. I managed to press on, eventually through an English Honours degree - took some stress to do - and then with technology assisting - spellcheckers for eg, I reached management of the condition and, the satisfaction of being able to produce immaculate written work.

Thing is, we dyslexic people, whilst hoping for understanding, also need to get that :

  • there are ‘rules’, anyway and,
  • our presentation can be frustrating for others to experience and try to work with.

I wish you progress with dyslexia. :smile:

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yeah i wish my dyslexia/dyspraxia was picked up eariler than a month before the end of uni, but still got a bachelor’s in computer science.

back on topic yes my buisiness account did show up however the really strange thing is my other two email accounts dont, including my 19+ year old account that i have used everywhere, strange but not the end of the world

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I don’t think @MediaBird’s comment was intended to be inflammatory – however, @MediaBird, please be mindful of how your responses may be received by separate parties and do your best to ensure you don’t come off “cross”.

@kgls13349 – I’m a bit confused about what the issue here is and how it relates to Brave. As I understand, you’re receiving emails in your account related to crypto/mining that either are the same or are very close to the one’s displayed in Brave Ads – is that correct so far?

If so, can you tell me – other than the base fact that the Brave Ads and emails you’re receiving both revolve around the same subject – where the link between these emails and Brave is? I ask because the way our Ads system works is entirely local – that is, no information used to match users with an appropriate ad from our catalog ever leaves your machine. It is not sent anywhere, collected anywhere, or viewed by anyone (or anything) outside of your machine. Ever.

This lead me to believe that this is more of a coincidence rather than “cause --> effect”.

i will agree could be a coincidence… just a very timely one…

i started using brave about 3 weeks ago and immediatly loved it.

previously i never visited any crypto mining sites as this stuff has no interest to me
email in question has the longest and most complex password the system will allow me that is changed once a month and is only accessed on this machine.

my contacts are all small buisinesses that have since come back to me and confirmed they have had no strange behaviour, granted they could respond later showing signs however as off present they are secure.

have run malware and virus scans with system disconnected from net, performed additional scans on HDD using another isolated system and found no issues.

that lead me to look into recent changes and the most recent system change was my installation and use of brave, if there is something i have overlooked that could cause it please do tell me
i am less posting as a “help” and more as a “this happened”

i appologise if my initial post seemed overly negative and as a note yes my sentance structure, grammer and spelling is terrible appologies if that offends anyone.


No worries – I understand the concern and assure you that if this is related to us in any way we will absolutely have it addressed.

I will keep an eye out for anyone else reporting similar events and would appreciate it if you would let me know (feel free to DM me) should you notice any other “suspicious behavior”;

Appreciate your support and am glad to hear to aside from this you’re enjoying Brave!


could very well be something ive overlooked but as always awareness is the key to security


Yes – stay vigilant my friend!

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