Brave giving WAY too much CPU when starting up (please read)

It gives like 85% of my CPU when starting up and my computer starts to freeze. I have no extensions and hardware acceleration is off.


Thats strange. Heres what mine looks like. Brave never uses more than say 20 percent…It usually shows and average of 5 to 15 percent. I also have about 8 extensions running and a download manager thats actually downloading a file as you see free download manager in the picture here…

Here are my PC specs

Do you use any other browsers? and if so which ones and do they also have high CPU usage? Also are you updated to the latest Brave version?

No, I only use Brave

Chrome gave too much CPU
Firefox gave too much of both
Edge gives too much ram

And yes I’m updated

  1. What are the specs of your CPU? How many cores? What speed do they run at?
  2. What is the brand and model of your graphics card?

I have a theory that when a laptop has a low powered graphics chip built in to the motherboard, the CPU has to do more work.

I would go with what you said, look at his pic of his specs he posted. Its a 2 core processor…that pretty much explains it. All I can say is he really needs a new Laptop/PC.

I can only agree. I’m using Brave with an old i5 4670 and I’m having nearly the same startup cpu usages. Time has come :wink:

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sadly I don’t have any money to buy a new pc lol

is there any feature or something?

hello? I don’t want this to get closed

Your PC is barely capable of running windows, it doesn’t have enough memory. If you look at this:

you can see it has very little available memory. Although Microsoft specify a minimum of 2GB for W10 Home, the reality is that even 4 is hardly enough. You have yourself identified that the same happens with other browsers as well. The only thing you can do (apart from a hardware upgrade, just adding another 4 GB of RAM would make a world of difference) is making sure you close all programs that are not in use to free up as much memory as possible. This is not something Brave (or Chrome, or Firefox, or Edge) can fix.