Brave gets so laggy


After brave’s 0.20.x update, browser reach the internet explorer level lagginess.
When i open brave beginning of my work day, for a few hour its perform well but after several hours and several session tabs it suddenly become so laggy.
I cant even type smoothly.

Another thing about 0.20.x, please give us option about altgr + number. This feature give me so much trouble.

I wanted to give about:brave info to here but it doesnt show right now. I could see it a few days ago. I dont know this related with these bugs or not

Anyways I use
brave 0.20.x, i dont remember exact version but i use latest
windows 10


Brave is still young, 0, blah blah. All ahead


I have got same issue, after few hours it is lagging so much that I need to restart it.


I’ve noticed it also. The number of open tabs, or the sites visited don’t seem to make a difference. When it occurs all browser actions, including closing tabs or the browser itself, become very slow. Restarting Brave returns normal performance, but the process repeats later in the day.
Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit, Intel i5, 8GB RAM.


In last few days, even opening the home page is very, very slow. The photo may or may not upload. As I’ve asked before, I’d rather get rid of those large useless buttons or bookmark links on the homepage because I only use the toolbar.


Addendum: using 20.30 on Macbook High Sierra 10.13.3.


I concur. I think it is also due to having multiple tabs open for extended period of time. I think one way to solve the issue is to allow tabs that are not in use to be permanently unloaded until clicked on.


Hello All,

We have an issue logged for this:



Brave 0.20 response to keyboard strokes does deteriorate sometimes AND now has just plain disappeared from the screen YET the resource manager says is is alive but cannot find Brave!! Another Go-Figure moment.


I gave Brave a serious try. Using it exclusively for a few weeks… but it just took longer and longer to load a page. I had to give it up and go back to good ole Chrome (wow I missed the speed and extensions!!).

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