Brave freezes when logging into using Google


I’ve recreated this bug on both my desktop version of Brave and mobile. Just downloaded Brave on both yesterday. Desktop is on the latest version of Mac OS with the latest version of Brave. Mobile is on the latest version of iOS with latest version of Brave.

When I go to and click ‘Continue with Google’ to log in with my google account, it opens a separate window where I can choose my Google account. Once I choose my google email address and hit enter the window freezes. I don’t get to the step of entering my password (though it may not need to ask for my password since I was already logged into my Google account on the browser). It looks like the page begins to load and then stops midway. Again, this has happened on both desktop and mobile.

Thanks for your help! I know this isn’t an ideal bug report, so I appreciate your patience.


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