Brave freezes on Open window pop-up

Description of the issue:
Hello. I love using the Brave Browser. But for the past week, Brave has been crashing / freezing on all websites when “Open” window pop-up appears (Select files to upload, etc).

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. On this forum, I click on “New Topic” button
  2. Click on “Upload” button
  3. In “Add Image or File” menu, I select “From my device” and click on “Choose Files” button

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Brave freezes. I must terminate the process in Windows Task Manager. I re-open Brave browser and attempt above steps again. Brave freezes again.

Expected result:
When I click the button in Firefox browser (also installed on my machine), “Open” window pop-up appears asking me to locate the file to upload.

Reproduces how often:
All the time.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

  • Brave Browser version 1.0.1 (up to date)
    • Chromium 78.0.3904.108 (64-bit)
    • Disabled all Extensions
    • Cleared Browsing Data for All Time
  • Dell Precision M6700 Laptop PC
  • Windows 7 Pro x64 (with all updates)
  • BitDefender AntiVirus (with all updates)

Additional Information:
This problem does not appear on Firefox and Chrome browsers installed on my machine.

I uninstalled DropBox application from my Windows PC and rebooted the machine. The issue appears to be resolved. This tells me that the Brave Browser (1.0.1) has an internal conflict with the latest version of DropBox application.

Thanks for the tip. I don’t have DropBox installed, maybe I have a similar app issue.

What lead you to uninstalling DropBox?

I’m glad that you got your issue resolved, but I’m not entirely sure uninstalling Dropbox was the solution necessarily. Was there something in particular that was linking the two applications to one another? Because unless there was, what you do in/with DropBox (or any other separate app) shouldn’t have any effect on Brave.

This morning, I decided to review all recent changes to my computer. My Windows 7 is up to date. Approximately two weeks ago, I installed DropBox. The application created a special folder on the hard drive, activated SmartSync process for constant synchronization with my online DropBox folder and added new “Move to Drop Box” context menu option. Almost immediately, Brave Browser began to crash whenever “Open” window pop-up was required. I uninstalled Brave Browser, reinstalled, cleared the cache, disabled all extensions, etc. But nothing worked. What surprised me is that Firefox and Chrome worked fine. Today, I decided to completely uninstall DropBox application and reboot. For the past 12 hours, Brave Browser does not crash whenever “Open” window pop-up is required.

Thank you for the additional details. I’m going to download and test this with the Dropbox app myself and see if I can reproduce. If I can then this is an issue we need to address asap.

I am glad I could help. Once I uninstalled DropBox (~3 days now) the Brave Browser has never crashed with “Open” window popup. I am forced to use DropBox through their web interface.

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Yes, your help was highly appreciated. I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as solved for now – please don’t hesitate to open a new one should you have any further questions or concerns.