Brave Freezes for a while when I try to edit bookmarks


I tried to change a bookmark’s URL in the Bookmark Manager.
After right-clicking and selecting “Edit Bookmark…” It hangs for 8 - 12 seconds before opening the edit form.
After I press “Done” it hangs again.
This happens every time I try to edit a bookmark.

I’m running Brave 0.18.14 on a Windows 10 Desktop (3rd-Gen I3, 8GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7700)

Also: I recently imported cookies and bookmarks from Firefox.

Edit Bookmark is painfully slow...Why?

wrong post of me
another post of “illegal” editing url address


I am having a similar problem. Text fields in the bookmarks dialog take several seconds to respond to cursor clicks and keystrokes. “Done” button is also balky and often the desired change in my bookmarks fails to manifest.


I have this issue. Any editing, opening, or moving of bookmarks causes Brave to freeze up for 30+ seconds each time.


that issue will be fixed with 0.19 release (which is in beta)

please wait until 0.19 will be released or you could try the beta and see if the issue was fixed:

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