Brave Freezes Completely after a while of non usage


on the current version opening many tabs as the screenshot shows makes the browser unstable, and the performance issue is under investigation.


Well bloody fix it now! I’m joking, well sort of.

Hi, @suguru is the performance just investigation or did you meant the instability as well.

Another thing if you don’t mind answering and I realise I’m sort of prying but because I have no experience in this field I was just curious how does one go about fixing an issue like this? Do you understand what I mean, given that a crash report isn’t sent and the browser technically speaking does crash who is also assigned the task of fixing. Do you simply add it to Git and let whoever takes up the task figure it out?


If you are interesting in the current situation, please have a look at this list on GitHub: It is the bug list around tabs bar, and the list is maintained well and updated.

Please see the assignees list on that page.



I posted a comment on this thread SIX days ago and haven’t had a reply yet. I just spend 2hrs writing a Private Message in Facebook while research a subject only to have Brave crash when I was about 5min form sending the message! Maddening doesn’t begin to describe that. I used to love Brave and used it daily but if this doesn’t get some attention and fixed FAST, I’m going back to using Google Chrome EXCLUSIVELY!!


Hi @Tailfeathers I concur, before I used to have 10 tabs selected for each tabs set and I figured if I reduced it to 8 tabs per set it may make me less frustrated, very pathetically I’ve thought I’ve got this tendency to right-click on search engines so I can stop searching and begin rehearsing the content loaded on the tabs. I can’t to this as often as I wish for worrying of a crash, this is why I keep asking for SessionBuddy.

I’m currently doing research like a mad dog and Brave is my proprietary browser, I literally use it for hours on end; If you’ve ready the initial statement I made and the last screenshot you’ll notice I’ve lost many sessions since using Brave, close to 500 sessions in total (tabs whilst using brave) and can’t be bothered developing the courage to carry on the research, so I know the feeling.

Finally, rather than have the team ask you, which they very well may, can you post your about:brave info. and just out of curiosity how may tabs were you running? I know the terrible feeling you get when you’ve worked hard on something only to have everything crash, it literally happened again yesterday. I hope for your sake Facebook has a feature of saving information whilst typing.

One other thing, I think once the team have read a particular topic they don’t inspect the comment section again unless you cc or @ their info. So I think it’s best to do so the the next time you’re making additional comments to a topic which you haven’t created.

I’m sure they’re only going to get better after v.1 so don’t be hasty with your exclusive decision, tough what would I know, I haven’t lost a 2 hour long piece of research, I’m right-clicking and saving links as I go.

Brave Freezes After Short Period Of Being Idle

Hi at @suguru I’m sorry for making additional replies but in light of the first remark you made, does this mean every user that has ‘Send anonymous crash reports to Brave’ only a few have been reported. If that’s the case, half of those must be mine if you’ve received them.

Please don’t think I’m being rude here - I read somewhere in the community someone asked for the number of people using Brave but it wasn’t reported, I make mention of this because I imagine if you were to ask ever one of those users, many of them will tell you they’re still actively using another browser because of a particular feature, especially extensions; this isn’t a request to accelerate it’s implementation of either them soon but my main point is maybe many of them aren’t using Brave predominantly or long enough for any of the negative bits of the Brave browser to occur.

I further make mention of this fact because I honestly believe these crashes and freezes have occurred more than a dozen times in this 30 day period, this honestly isn’t to get your attention but it’s funny but I completely forgot I created an identical topic around four months ago - Browser suddenly quits


The reports are sent to the team, I still believe not all of them are analyzed at the same time due to their volume. @aekeus is in charge of that so he knows about it better than me.


Came here to say that this is effecting me as well. The browser is unusable for me at this point due to this and the random crashing issues. So far I crash when I try to drag a tab to the other screen to create a new window randomly, or detaching a tab randomly. I believe it is tied to this freezing issue as it seems to only happen when the browser is in the frozen state.


It’s also being reported here if the Brave team is keeping an accurate count of the users affected -
Brave Freezes After Short Period Of Being Idle


I’m sorry @suguru @sriram I just simply can’t take it any longer. It’s frozen twice in a 6 hour period and for someone who’s doing research and opening multiple links/tabs, I’ve reached the end of my tether.

I’d appreciate it if you message me regarding the issue being fully apprehended and fixed in the future updates.


One thing I did notice though I may be incorrect is that opening possibly more than two tabs sets causes an issue if it help anyone from the team. I have 8 tabs set to each tab set, if that makes sense and if it helps.

Strangely, another thing I noticed is that once the browser crashes or freezes and it automatically closes, reopening the browser keeps the ‘Private data’ considering I have all 7 on erase except for the last one but it’s not the reason I’m stating this. The reason I state this is because every time this issue occurs reopening the browser with private data still intact without a shadow of a doubt causes the crash again and much sooner but reducing the number of tab sets, not in setting but whilst browsing doesn’t cause much of an issue.


Brave: 0.18.14
rev: ad92d029e184c4cff01b2e9f4916725ba675e3c8
Muon: 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent: 60.0.3112.78
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.15063
OS Architecture: x64

Hi @suguru can you mention to the team that the current version listed above almost managed to fix it. By which I mean it was actually functioning brilliant for many hours until the issue finally struck.

I noticed after a couple hours of usage and having many tabs on display that I didn’t notice a problem which was strange because sometime there’s usually a flicker of some sort to indicate a crash/freeze is suddenly about to occur, not immediately but after some time while the browser is still active.

So having seen it working properly for the first time in a couple of months I increased the tabs set to 10 tabs per set and selected ‘preview on hover’ and it still was functioning brilliantly. I actually at what point for a couple of hours or so had around 70 tabs open if not more.
Then as I slowly started to peruse and close each tab reduced to 30-40 tabs, the freeze occurred.

I’ve enclosed a gif if it helps but I’d also like to state that I closed the monitor multiple times with the browser still active, I never once closed/quit the browser, so it was essentially on sleep mode and resuming the browser was seamless. It worked fine. To be quite honest, the browser though still on sleep mode must have been active for around 9 hours and on the 12th hour I created the Gif.

It would be nice to know if any work was actually done to fix this issue on the previous latest update because it was really performing quite well.


Just coming on to say Buh Bye!!! Look at my comments about. It’s been a month and still NOTHING has been done. Numpty has continued to be responsive to you but you have been COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE to my original post and my follow up.

I stayed longer than I said I would because it appeared at one time the problem had been solved - even though I received NO notification that anything had been done but then it started happening again. Just opened the laptop to spend some time on Facebook and found the window had closed and it will NOT open the last tabs or last window.

A MONTH without any response whatsoever is INEXCUSABLE. Going back to Edge or Explorer and I doubt I’ll ever be coming back.

Perhaps you don’t care if you lose a customer but I’ll be sure and let others know how Brave works and how UNRESPONSIVE you are at addressing issues and communicating with those who bring problems to your attention.


What a shame, I know how you feel. I’m doing research on industrial design and hardware design and it’s a piss take when something like this happens and though they don’t present themselves as still being in beta I think they still do expect many users to for the time being at least maintain another browser. I’ve got a feeling as the team, developers and engineers increase in the coming year, their software is going to be brilliant and especially trustworthy.

I don’t know if it’ll change your mind but just use Brave for things that aren’t a priority and for times you know the use of a particular extension wouldn’t be required.

Do you know how many lines of code there are in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, I suspect in Brave it’s considerably less compared to the others so you have to respect what they’ve achieved so far.

I like the prospect of them having the intention of building proprietary versions of extensions when it’s best to do so, like the PGP idea and not just developing something exactly like the other browsers, so if I think if I were to stop using Brave it would be due to the fact that vital members of the team pronounce their resignation.


I have similar problems: if the browser is busy in one tab doing something like playing a video, all other tabs are unresponsive: meaning: I can hover over those tabs and see what the tabs contained at one point, but I cannot select the tab to actually starting working in that tab. the hover view, but it will not let me select a tab. I have to kill the browser complete and start it again. quite frustrating.
I like Brave and I like the new model, but there are quite a few websites that depend on flash for which I have to switch to another browser.
This behavior also manifests if the machine is “sleeping” for a time - I lock the screen and go to sleep, and come back 8 hours or more later, and then the browser is basically swapped out or something and I cannot select any of the tabs that does not have focus.
I look forward to a solution to this issue.
details: brave 18.14 on Win8_x64


HI @whitemiata regarding flash, I was just curious doesn’t enabling the Flash here help -
about:preferences#plugins (just copy and paste the previous bit if not noticed before)


Just got an email notifying me that I had an Unread notification. I see it’s your. No, you didn’t change my mind. In fact, seeing that you are the ONLY one being responsive to my posts only reinforces in my mind that I want nothing to do with Brave.

Am going back to Chrome now. I’ve been using it and MS Edge since I left and have had NO problems. There were a lot of things I liked about Brave over Edge but they are just way too much of a frustration to continue with them and their unresponsiveness is inexcusable and unjustifiable.


there are beta and nightly which you would like to try. please try them and see if the issues were fixed there


Hi again @Tailfeathers please don’t think I’m trying to purposely annoy you by being persistent because I think regarding the coherent and temporary faults of Brave we’re both at a consensus.

What is your response to my statement of just use Brave for things that aren’t a priority and for times you know the use of a particular extension wouldn’t be required because it seems you require two browsers anyway and I’m sure you spend less time on one of them over the other so just use Brave over that particular one.

Please don’t think I’m trying to pressure you, honestly I’m not an employee at Brave, I just think there individual stringent view when it comes to users privacy is brilliant and there are going to be brilliant aspects soon to come. Personally, I think it best for such users as yourself that continuously use two different browsers to shape this browser along the way.

Here’s a suggestion, there are less than 150 issues preceding 1.0.0 excluding backlog and issues pertaining to our problem is listed within them so just bookmark this link and head to Milestones and once its reached “1.0.0” re-download Brave -

One final thing, if the worst occurs just enter App Data - Roaming - brave - and copy “session-store-1” (its the file not the folder), the caveat to this is that it won’t obviously save anything you last typed if the browser no longer allows you to click on anything within the browser anymore or freezes or crashes. That being said, most modern web applications save information as you type so it shouldn’t be a worry. Though if I’m not mistaken, the tipping point for you was something you were working on in Facebook. Hopefully it worked out well for you.

To my unfortunate, I didn’t know this until recently I read in Git that if you end via task manager or the browser suddenly crashes or is just simply frozen just head over to the App Data area and save the session. If you happen to reopen the browser without remembering to save the session, make sure you copy the file sooner than later because it sort of erases.

Thanks for reading.

PS, excluding the crashes, what do you like in Edge that you require it over Brave and just out of curiosity what extensions do you think are necessary?


Thanks but no thanks.

God Bless,

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