Brave freezes and quits automatically after opening it

Brave quits automatically when I open it. It freezes for a few seconds and then quits automatically. Tried updating, reinstalling but still the same result.

Version 1.11.104 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

Are you by chance using the Grammarly extension? We believe there may be an issue with it we are investigating.

Thanks @w0ts0n, that seems to be the issue.

I removed the extension and the browser works fine for now, but the thing is I’d be needing Grammerly. If there’s any alternative for Grammerly functionality then do let me know.

I believe Grammerly fixed the issue, you should be safe to re-install it.

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