Brave freeze after clicking on my Firefox imported bookmarks


Hello :slight_smile: And congratulations for making Brave ! The interface is simply awesome and the ethic idea behind is exactly what i was expecting for years… I’m also a BAT supporter.

Just for a bug report error here… i have 2 computers at home, one is windows 7 (ultimate version x64bits) et the other one is windows 10 x64bits. I only experienced and tried on windows 7 the bug.

After importing my firefox bookmarks. If i click on the down arrow of the combo box then ALL the brave explorer freeze. I cannot even browse on internet to enter a new url into the URL Bar. I believe there is something to fix from there ? My bookmarks are saved from firefox.

Also a wish, this is a bit for cosmetic… but this is my only regret from firefox to move exclusively to Brave. The display of my bookmarks. I wanted to be like in firefox but maybe i couldn’t tried it because of the freeze bug with my bookmarks ? I screencap what i click to make the whole Brave freeze.

Last question … do you plan a BAT refferal program please ?

Keep going on Brave !

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