Brave free grants are stopped from now?

Brave free grants are stopped from now?
I mean like it’s been too long we haven’t get any free grants…
U should try to giveaway free bat in atleast 4 5 month it will help the user to engage in brave,because only by getting ads the user is not Getting more than 10 bats a month which is so less
So plzz rolll out the free grants

Because users already able to earn BAT by opt-in to Brave Ads.

So the promotional grant is permanently stopped?
We will not be able to recceive free grants in future?

It is so less u know we are getting only 8 to 10 bat monthly and in free grants we were getting around 25 bat

Free grants was issued so users can try the Rewards system. But, now users able to earn BAT from Brave Ads, so it’s no longer needed.

It’s depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country. More advertisers targeting your country mean you’ll have more chance to see more ads.

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