Brave forgets my logins

Browser forgets my all facebook, disqus etc logins in various sites and I have to redo them everytime I open up those sites. What would be the issue?

@bbt83 what are your Shields settings like? Keep in mind that by default it stops from tracking across websites and all. In other words, you pretty much just gets 1st party cookies on sites. You may have to allow all cookies, though I’m sure if that will fully solve your issue. But to highlight what I mean about default settings:


I’m not sure if it’s fully in cookies or if fingerprinting might be part of the issue as well. Brave kind of randomizes things and can have your device look different. This can trigger some sites to make you login again.

At least wanted to share this is my initial thought.

When you mention this, you’re not talking about getting logged out from Facebook itself, right? You’re speaking about how websites have the social media buttons and all? Part of other thing I’d say to make sure you’re looking into is brave://settings/shields

But that’s something a bit different than what I think you’re explaining.

Thanks a lot for the swift and most helpful reply @Saoiray
I’ll try that cookie setting immediately, and yeah, my facebook login setting is enabled, probably not about that

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