Brave forgets Facebook login every new session

Windows 11 user, Dell XPS 8960. Every time I launch Brave and go to Facebook on my desktop PC, to log in I have to jump through several hoops and then get a warning on my phone asking if it’s me. This does not happen on any other websites. They all “remember” me. I’m a longtime PC user and this has me stymied.

@sparkydog1725 what are your Shields settings? Also, do you have anything set in Brave to clear cookies or anything?

What’s interesting is I never get logged out of Facebook. But I do see where others reported this issue months ago at Brave Keeps Logging Me Out Of Facebook

It seems back then it was mentioned to be a server side check. So if IP was changing or whatever. The latest comment from someone mentioned messing with DNS settings.

I’ve tried with Shields down, cookies are allowed. Allowing Facebook logins and embedded posts is ON. Malwarebytes has FB on its ALLOW list. I have tried with “Open VPN Unlimited” off and on.

@sparkydog1725 other thing I hadn’t thought about, are you using 2FA with Facebook?