Brave for Mac not opening Figma links in native app

I used Brave for work and noticed that any Figma links are opened in the browser, rather than the app.

When I use another browser such as Chrome or Safari, Figma links open in the Figma Mac app, rather than the browser.

I saw another topic about this, which has since been locked - Brave (Mac Desktop) does not find Figma desktop app or open links in app

Thank you for reaching out to us with this.
Can you confirm that you have the Figma app itself set to open links in desktop application?

I do have the Figma app set to open links in the desktop application.

I actually fixed this by disabling Brave Shields on Figma site, which resulted in the popup showing at the bottom of Figma browser to open in the desktop app (and set it to always open in the desktop app).

Thank you for confirming. Would you be willing to test this with Shields up and see if any particular protection is causing the issue?

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