Brave for iPad is closing all tabs

Running Brave Version 1.12.1 ( on iPad 13.2 (17B84).

I will open three or more tabs in Brave. After switching to another app, upon returning to Brave, no tabs are open. This does not happen every time but occurs at least once a day.

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Could you please record the behvaiour and share? Does it happen for any sites visited in 3 tabs?

I’m not sure how I would record that. Just this morning I had tabs open in Brave on the iPad, switched to another app, and when I came back all the tabs were gone.

I don’t think 3 is a magic number. It’s just that I happen to keep a minimum of 3 tabs open all the time -,, and Other tabs will be added as needed.

What version are you running? I can’t reproduce it. You can record using recorder icon in control center

I was running 1.12.1, now running Version 1.13 ( with same result.

I don’t see any recorder app in Control Center.

The highlighted item in control center is the built-in recorder. If you do not see it there please add it via settings. This will help in recording your screen and share it easily

Thanks, got it. I’ll try, but it is rather unpredictable. It happened again just now, but naturally after I stopped and restarted the recorder. I’ll keep trying.

So far I am having no luck catching this while recorder is running. However, it does seem to occur more often when I close the cover (which stops the recorder), putting the iPad to sleep. It’s behaving almost like the app is abnormally terminating.

Well we run into that all the time. When you try to record issue doesn’t reproduce.

So if i understand correctly you are locking device screen and the browser crashes? Do you have sync enabled by any chance? If so can you try disabling it and check if it crashes?

It doesn’t always happen when the screen is locked, but it seems to occur more often in that case. The sporadic nature of it makes it difficult to reproduce, and as you say, things never behave the way they should when you are watching.

No, sync is not enabled at this time. At least, I don’t think so. I’m at work, that iPad is at home. I’ll check this afternoon.

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I was wrong, sync was enabled. I’ve removed the I Pad from the chain, we’ll see what happens.

And it has happened again with sync turned off.

Is there some way to revert to a prior level of Brave? This is getting really annoying.

Sorry to hear that even after disabling sync its still crashing. Roping in one of the developers to help narrow down the issue

cc: @michal

Hey @UncleBenny what version of iOS are you on? We had multitasking issues with the version before 13.2.3.

Check if an updated version is available for your device and retry after updating.

I’m currently on Version 1.13 (

@UncleBenny I meant your iOS version. :wink:

Sorry, it’s 13.2.3 on an iPad Pro 11".

I’m unable to reproduce that on my iPad Pro. Would you try deleting and re-installing Brave on your device? This is the only way on iOS to completely reset an app.

I think I did that already, and it seems that the problem may have righted itself - it’s been stable for the past few days. I’ll monitor and give that a try if necessary.

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