Brave for Android: The content of new tabs won't load until the browser is restarted


On the Brave Browser for Android, I have this issue happening quite often:

  1. On a website, click on a link and select “Open in new tab”
  2. The new tab opens in the background
  3. I got to “tabs” (or rather, I click on the square icon on the top of the screen) and then click on the tab that was just opened in the background.
  4. The content of the new tab won’t load. The tab contents is blank, and the red progress bar get stuck at about 90%
  5. Close the browser
  6. Open the browser, and the content renders perfectly

This happens very frequently. I’m currently using the latest app version (1.0.59), but have had the same issue since I started using the browser a few weeks ago.

Is this a known bug?


The frequency for this issue have decrease quite a bit, so I suggest we leave this be for now.

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