Brave for Android force closes

I’ve found that Brave force closes when I enter data on certain entry fields.
For example, when I tap on the date entry field in my banking web site (, Brave will always FC (screenshot attached).

I’m on Brave v1.30.87

My phone is a OnePlus 8T, running Android 11 (OxygenOS

The problem has been going on for some time. I first reported it on 1st of August in this thread: Brave browser closes by itself

I thought I had a workaround for the issue by using desktop mode, but that only works in some of the cases where this bug shows up.

I’m currently using Brave Beta as the problem doesn’t happen there.

I would have provided a logcat, but there’s no option for attaching zip files to this post.

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Thank you for reporting this to us. I am curious whether or not the issue occurs if Shields are turned off? I’ve also reached out to our web compatibility team to take a closer look.

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Thanks @Mattches, but turning off Shields made no difference.


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