Brave folder size 40GB, normal?

This is totaly strange. Brave folder of 40 GB…

If I check cache it’s only 320MB

How can I get rid of those enormous files?


Hello @exoticatom that really weird

could you go inside the folder system that show in your screenshot it has 39 GB and see which file or folder inside it that has so much size

ah darn, it was one file of 40 GB on the same place where is now 3.3GB.
I deleted 40GB, soon after 3.3GB is created ?

could you disable all extension then close brave then delete that file then open brave and see if that file created again or not

go to brave://extensions/

Hi thx,
I disabled extensions. (had 6) deleted 4GB file (it was that size before closing.
REstarted browser, file was not created.

my extensions:

now enable one of the extension then restart brave and see if it created or not then repeat that till you got the one that cause the issue

darn… can’t repro it. After I disabled all extensions, then enabled one by one. folder is still small…

thx for help.

looks like there was issue with one of them and after re-enable it get corrected

you welcome :slight_smile:

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