Brave flags best options

Can someone recommend me the best options to disable or enable in ,brave://flags"
i will be so gratefull
I’m a player who always have a browser running in the background, so options of this type are essential to me. Of course, I’d also appreciate options for a more enjoyable usage.

These are the Flags I use, and they serve me in a way that makes the experience easier, although of course, I wouldn’t need them if my PC wasn’t bad compared to the current ones.

1-Playlist: The Playlist is very useful for me to add songs from YT and not consume a lot of YT because of the massive Memory Leak and the problems it is currently giving. I use Spotify and I have downloaded songs, but I prefer this option that is faster and more comfortable for me, even if I still use the downloaded songs xd

2-Overlay Scrollbars: I use this one because it makes it easier for me to see the screen when using the Scroll Bar that is usually used in cell phones. There is little to say about this Flag, but I think it is useful for me who does not have a large screen.

3-Desktop PWA Tab Strips Settings: I doubt very much that this Flag will be of much use to you, since you use the browser as such, and I don’t think you use some pages as applications, as I do in my case with YouTube.

4- Global media controls control Cast start/stop: This would be the same as the previous one, referring to utility as such, heh, heh, heh.

5-Parallel downloading: Parallel downloading is a download optimization technique that allows a browser to download a file in multiple streams, dividing the large file into smaller segments and downloading each in a separate stream. This technique provides faster download speeds compared to traditional methods, which use a single thread/connection to fetch files from the internet. It would only be useful if you do not use third-party or external programs to help you download files.

6- Enable Lens features in Chrome: I use this one when Brave Search does not give me the desired results, which is almost never, so I take advantage of it when I want to search for an exact result of the image instead of transcribing the context of it, it seems silly, but I take advantage of it, since I almost never use it, besides I only use Brave Search. It’s hard to explain, but I use it xd

7- Enable the multi-state option for Memory Saver Mode and Enable discarded tab treatment for Memory Saver Mode: I usually open a lot of tabs and, as my PC is not that powerful, these 2 flags make it easier for me to consume the PC’s memory. Both allow me to place a considerable time of disuse, in which I am not aware of the tab in question; they also allow me to remove or add sites of preference so that they do not enter suspension.

Sorry if I went on too long writing this, but I prefer to explain from my perspective as someone who uses them constantly, and explain them in my own way, so that you can see the “use”, so to speak, and the experience with them. I doubt they will be of any use to you, but I love to contribute something no matter how “useless” it may be. -Sxmpra-T

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