Brave, Fedora 30 & Flatpak


i use f29 silverblue (great - the future) and f30 will not take long to come. ostree, flatpak, layer & container change some stuff for the future.

question: are you prepared for a flatpak version? because i don’t want brave just as a layer over a deployment or in a homemade container.

fedora silverblue (and any other linux-distro) is stubborn and continues to rely on firefox/mozilla. uncritical. the facts (massive telemetry @home & @google by default (without a bloated user.config), as well as generally questionable decisions throughout the last year - all this completely bypasses the linux community and makes me angry meanwhile.

you can show all of them (not only fedora) what has been achieved so far:


and the inevitable future: adblocker & googles manifest v3

but the facts doesn’t matter, they rely on this telemetry - monster mozilla (here’s the windows community light years ahead).

they bring out such a wonderful os, but when it comes to the web - no difference to windows. instead i have to layer fedora chromium (only advantage: vaapi support).

so please, bring out a flatpak of brave. that’s important, when you see the whole context behind it. f30 is comming and this is a good thing & that concerns you too.

also the f29 silverblue/rawhide/f30 user deserves brave, even if “change” is a difficult thing for the linux community.

of course not “internal” - here new things are tried out and implemented diligently, but as far as “external” sources are concerned (open source or not doesn’t play a role here) one relies on stubbornness, irrationality and backward-looking.

solution: brave & flatpak. this gives the user back the freedom of choice (in a simple way).


i know this is not the linux -subforum. as long as linux is a subforum, nothing changes.