Brave favicon bug on ParrotOS

I take the liberty of contacting you following a favicon display problem,
Capture du 2020-11-17 01-40-39 in fact I am under Brave, under ParrotOS.
If you looked closely the icons are not completely correct.

How can I fix this display bug?

Thanking you in advance, Jason.

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Hello @jason.gouzien

where did installed brave from
did you use snap or or something else?

and have a nice day

Thank you very much for the quick response,
I installed brave with the apt method, I added the repository to the source.list.d

you very welcome

let me ask someone from the team to help you

@fmarier could you help us here

and have a nice day both of you

Can you say more about where these favicons are displayed?

Are you on a specific website? Are you talking about the little icon that’s in the tab next to the title of the tab?
Screenshot from 2020-11-17 17-39-06

Hello and thank you for your attention,
this error is valid on any site without exception.
it should be noted that it is the same under chromium.

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