Brave fails to store screen position / window size



Windows 7 (64-bit); Brave after v0.21.24: When I close / re-open Brave (v0.22.12 / v0.22.13), it fails to remember the screen position and window size.

v0.21.24 and earlier: Brave re-opened with the same-sized window in the same screen position as when I last used it.

v0.22.12 / v0.22.13: Brave opens in the middle of my screen.

Default open location for Brave browser

Thank you for the feedback.

I have just checked v0.22.13 on Win7 x64 and the position of the windows is restored.

I wonder if it is due to your old profile from v0.21.24. I will investigate further.


Thanks for the response. FYI: the problem recurs reliably, even after a reboot.


This problem persists in v0.22.21. Brave opens in an arbitrarily-sized window in an arbitrary location rather than in the state in which I closed it.


Brave v0.22.22 continues to start in a window that’s arbitrarily sized and located rather than in the state in which it was closed.


v0.22.667: Brave still fails to re-open in same the window size / screen location as when it was closed.


Brave v0.22.669 doesn’t fix problem with Brave failing to store the state in which it was closed – screen position and window size.

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