Brave fails to return to Facebook video after a mid-video advert is played

Description of the issue: Brave will not return to a Facebook video after being interrupted by an advert. NOTE: This fails on Brave, but Edge succeeds.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Visit Facebook
  3. Select Videos
  4. Watch a video which pauses to play an advert

Expected result: Once the advert has finished, the video should resume

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave is up to date
Version 1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Reproduces how often: Always

Actual Result:
Advert may play, or not, but once completed, the video is locked and doesn’t return to the FB video after the advert

Additional information:
I’m using Windows 11 Home 21H2 installed 23/3/22, OS build 22000.613,
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.613.0

Is there nobody else watching Facebook videos on Windows 11 and Brave?

I tried searching Community topics, Brave reddit, and Brave GitHub and could not find anyone else reporting this issue. So, maybe this problem is not occurring for many users at this time or is unique to you. Have you run across anything? Sometimes my search terms are not the best and you may have more luck!

Since your topic was created a month ago, please confirm that you are updated to the latest Brave version. If not, you should update and see if that corrects the problem.


Some other information you might provide which may help other community members (like me) or support staff troubleshoot.

  1. A link to a video where this problem occurs. Other users can test to see if the problem is also occurring on their systems.
  2. Have you tried with shields down to see if the problem still occurs?
  3. Does the problem still occur in a new private window?
  4. Do you use any extensions? Have you tried disabling them to see if the problem still occurs? You could also create a new test profile and check.
  5. Does the problem occur using Brave Beta and/or Nightly versions?
  6. Have you tried clearing history/cache for all time, exiting the browser, and reopening? Something in your history or cache may be glitched and interfering.

The above are things that support staff usually ask users experiencing problems to try for troubleshooting. Please post an update if you try any of the above and tag the moderators in your post.

Hope this helps! Take care. :smiley:

I just checked:

Brave is up to date
Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Plan A:

Surely somebody in the Brace support/development community can try to recreate? It just needs Windows 11 and Brave, then watch a Facebook video interrupted by an ad.

Plan B:

Perhaps somebody in the Brave community can figure out how to diagnose/trace what is happening? I can recreate the problem on demand. If I had some diagnostics to run, that might give a developer a clue? I can recreate in Brace and I can repeat in Edge to show exactly the same scenario does not fail.


You can tag the moderators and see if they can take a look.

At a minimum, you should probably see if the problem still occurs using a new test profile. That will help determine if it is something in your Brave or OS settings, an extension, if the problem is persistent, etc. I would enable widevine in settings if you do test in a new profile.

Please post an update of anything you’ve tried even if it didn’t work. It will help the moderators troubleshoot your issue.

Good luck and take care.

I’m interested in you trying the suggestions @Chocoholic suggested above.
Additionally, can you please provide a link to an example video that is known to have advertisements play?

I added a new profile and that has resolved the issue. I now have to transfer settings and extensions to make the new profile usable. After that, will retest…
Thanks to you and @Chocoholic

You may not need to — on your original profile, I would try @Chocoholic’s sixth suggestion first:

  1. Have you tried clearing history/cache for all time, exiting the browser, and reopening? Something in your history or cache may be glitched and interfering.

Thanks for the reminder of chocoholics tip #6. I deleted all history and it seems to be working.
I need to carry on testing, as, on a couple of occasions, the video went to an ad, but the ad didn’t start, as opposed to playing and not returning. Still hung and still not able to see the second part of the target video.

Most tests so far have worked fine. I suppose it could be related to an extension…

I would try with extensions disabled and I would also try with Shields on/off and test to see if this makes a difference. In addition to Shields on/off, I would try turning Ads/trackers to Aggressive mode as well and see if this has any effect.

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