Brave fails to resolve URL correctly

Brave browser, both mobile and desktop versions, resolve as

This is not correct. Other browsers display correctly.

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please tell me what Brave version as well as what mobile device type you’re using when you see this? For me, if I visit I’m taken their directly without any issues.

Tested on Windows, Android and macOS systems.

Did you type the address directly into the browser or were you following a link from another site or email?

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No, I didn’t type the URL correctly and therein lies the answer to the problem. Operator Error. Problem solved.

That happens. For months, I couldn’t figure out why I could receive email from one account but not send it. Turns out I mistyped the SMTP info into Thunderbird. You’d think I could have typed out the name of my organization correctly but noooo…

Glad you figured it out!

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