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Good Day Community and Brave Devs,

I just had an idea, and am unsure what your (the developers) plans are for the “extensions issue”. I see that a lot of people are requesting extensions for Brave. Obviously, you can’t keep everyone happy and by incorporating 6000 extensions into Brave is going to take away from the performance of the browser.
To circumvent this I think one needs to only incorporate security-related extensions into Brave (maybe a few non-security related extensions to please the masses) with an extension store that links to the Chrome store. This will allow users to install any extension of their choice.
I know Opera has an extension that allows one to install Chrome extensions, maybe incorporate this into Brave? Low lying fruit first :smiley:


Hi @fatboy I reported a similar issue described in the link provided which would possibly arise later on How will you push updates for future extensions?

I also created a possible suggestion for most of these issue if and when they do arise so they can efficiently be fixed Original Developer's Participation

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