Brave Extensions Catalog


I know Brave does not want to allow any chromium extension to be installed since it could contain malware or invade on the users privacy. But I think Brave should consider creating a extensions Store/Catalog just like the Chrome Web Store!

This way devs could submit their extensions to the Brave Catalog/Store and then they can easily be downloaded into Brave. It maybe a lot easier to convince the devs of our favorite extensions to get themselves into the Brave Store than to be accepted into Brave.

A few ways to have this would be to either ensure all the extensions in the catalog are open source (Kinda like FDriod), or they need to be approved by Brave (Just like Apple with the App Store).

Just a suggestion.


Currently anyone can install a chromium extension as it sits now. Just have to paste the contents into a current installed extension. Would be Awesome if there was a store of verified extensions known to not be a privacy risk like to OP suggested!


Hi @trymeout @v0iD

Enhanced extension support is coming with 1.0. Here you’ll find our blog post about 1.0 in general with mentions of extensions: However, more information on extensions will be coming soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


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