Brave.exe in task manager


I checked the task manager & see brave.exe listed 9 times, sometimes the CPU peeks at 72%.This happens with no tabs running.

Sometimes Brave just crashes, meaning it all of a sudden closes.

I have win 7 home & Brave version is Brave|0.19.139 |rev|99aa17d


And what, what prevented you from the processes


Don’t know much about computers so i don’t understand your question. What i did notice after i posted here was the Brave.exe increased to 12 & the CPU increased to 100%.

How do i find out what prevented me from the processess ?

  • there is nothing wrong with multiple processes
  • there is nothing wrong with occasional CPU peaking, problematic would be constant resource consumption (for no apparent reason)
  • process crash is a defect (brave.exe)


How do i resolve this?


That is not a trivial question. But the general answer would be, you put effort (energy, work) to help resolve it.
You can also ignore this, or use other browser. But you could:

  • check/search github brave repository if anyone already encountered same issue and submitted a defect

  • try to find a minimal reproduction steps

  • check if this steps reproduce the issue on some other environment

  • submit an issue (defect) on

  • note that, brave.exe “going away” and “crashing” is not always equivalent. On windows, if process (application) crashes, there is a log of this event in Event Viewer. You would add this proof when submitting the defect. You could also enable user space crash dumps and provide memory dump file. Developers can inspect this file and make conclusions about the root cause

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