Brave Energy Consumption issues on Mac



15 " 2017
OSX High Sierra 10.13.3

Brave 0.20.46

Pasted from my post in RocketChat:

I love Brave / BAT I have been invested for about 1.5 years now and I just solely started using Brave on my brand new Macbook Pro 15" (I had been using it part time on my other machines) and I think I am going to have to stop using it until the energy savings on the Mac are worked out. I went to the coffee shop this AM and used Brave for stock trading and my Macbook battery only lasted ~ 4hrs, during that time I realized that in the Activity Monitor it had between 40 - 80% energy impact vs Safari’s 2.0 - 6%. I know that it is running on Chromium underneath and I thought that switching from Chrome to Brave would help out with a lot of these resource consumption issues but Im not sure how much control you have over that api.

I want to use Brave so bad and I will when I am plugged into a power outlet, I did notice that when I was running brave the option for “Requires High Perf GPU” option was most of the time “Yes” which could be attributing to the power usage overhead. Safari I am not seeing that unless I am streaming / doing GPU intensive things in the browser. Now that I have closed Brave my battery is holding steady and the amount of time left on battery is gradually increasing to normal levels. I don’t know if there is a flag that is being set somewhere that should be toggled under certain conditions that is being defaulted to true or what.

Sorry for the rant, wanted to be clear. Let me know how I can help. I am a dev so I am willing to help you guys out however I can to alleviate this issue. If you have any suggestions let me know

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Hi @byoung0589 Yes! I think it’s brilliant you can contribute.

Here are a couple of the issue open pertaining to the issue. Ask for a pull request after figuring out which one matches the issue; they seem very related and may be merged.


Looks like this is it :

It doesn’t seem like there has been any work done on it yet.


If it’s any consolation, it’s in the Prioritized backlog and not the Triage backlog with just under 240 issue - I thought it was noteworthy because I once saw them crack over 400 issues in just over a month.

Plus in their environment, I imagine most of them prefer to use Macintosh products instead of a particular Linux DE via Thinkpad, so they’re most likely just as concerned of the shelf life of their personal PCs as well.

Update: @byoung0589 surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be any updates on this matter in Github, which is strange because I’m sure a lot of team use Macintosh and I would have figured they would have been more concerned of the lithium not being efficiently managed and should be seen as something that is a serious fault and shouldn’t really be construed as a simple bug. :frowning:

@Serg closed an issue related to Surface but sort of left it closed with a Discussion label on it afterwards.

Another commentary is building up here regarding the same issue - MacOS Sierra Battery Drain

Rather ironically, Brave (supposedly) saves around 21% of battery life on mobile versions but does something quite the contrary on desktop versions. :slight_smile:

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