Brave employee badge spelling error


On the brave community page if you check out a brave team member they have a special badge showing that they’re a member.

This badge however has a spelling error in its description as it uses “an” instead of “and”.


Hi @Chugwig, thanks for reporting! cc @alex and @kamil on this.


This is the second time You’ve told me to cc someone. I sent my last topic to Alex in a message but what’s the recommended way to cc someone. Should I do it when I first post a topic and if so how do I decide who’s worth ccing.

By the way, thanks for your responses! it’s part of the reason why I noticed this spelling error on the badge when I went to check out yours and Alex’s profiles.


Ah, I’m sorry for the confusions. I’m just helping here, and since I’m not sure about how to change that, I’m cc-ing the team to take a look on this. If I can help/answer with question/report, I usually do it by myself. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to come back and @alex and @kamil again so that the Brave Employee badge could get fixed. It seems like an issue that could be solved quickly (although I understand there may be more pressing issues) and it comes off looking bad that the badge given to Brave team members has a spelling mistake in it.


Hi @Chugwig,

I went through all the available settings and I can’t find anyway to actually update badges. I’ve asked @alex to take a look as he’s the only one with the required permissions. This should be fixed shortly.


Sounds good. Didn’t realize you didn’t have the powers, I apologize for the unneeded @.


@Chugwig no worries! I’m glad I was able to move things along! Looks like @alex has fixed the issue :slight_smile:

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