Brave email support? + no BAT received for ads

Hi Brave users!
First of all I could not find any email address for brave support. It would be great if someone could let me know if there is any since I am not able to upload useful screenshots due to company laptop that block such things and emailing would be much more convenient.

Please find below my problem regarding ad-s:

I noticed that I am not able to earn BAT tokens for quite some time. I have the settings to see as many ads as possible and the browser states that I received 30 ad notifications this month, but still I either don’t get notified or not receiving the BAT tokens. I collected all the necessary information below. Could you please have a look at them and advise what could be wrong?

Brave version: 0.66.101
OS: Windows 10
Setting: 5 ads per hour
IP address: UK
Ads: On
Brave rewards: On

Mainly I get the below 3 notification on the left bottom corner over and over again. Actually I don’t remember any other pop ups for the past month, but these come up very often. Actually I am not even sure if these are the ads I am supposed to visit since one of them is leading me to brave community.

Kind regards,

@GaborM did you see the Estimated pending rewards? An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow

Hi Eljuno,

It is showing 1.3 BAT today. I think it was 2 BAT yesterday.

Kind regards,

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