Brave Downloads

I am not able download anything on brave. It shows me the download option but it isn’t downloading. Could someone help me.



Feel free to provide more info about your issue. Thanks

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I got an option to download but the song isn’t downloading.

Did you actually tap Download? Have you tried with Shields down?

Yes I’ve tap on the download button, nothing works. I tried using the shields down too that doesn’t work at all.

@Sanjay what is your Brave version? Is there any example site, so I can test it on my end?

Also, is this not working only for this type of file or not working for any file (like image, etc)?

My current brave version :- 1.4.3, there’s not any specific site it doesn’t work on any sites. Anyhow try this This isn’t working for all file formats. I was thinking this might be the Android 10 issue that I’ve got.

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