Brave download page, Google ico showing?

Google ico showing with Chinese lettering when saving or bookmarking a page:

Always conscious of unusual web behaviour especially when installing software, just wanted to check this is part of Brave and not something else.

Other saved pages also have odd ico files not in keeping with the page?

Maybe its just humour but gone over my head lol

Version 1.64.113 Chromium: 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@Mugtik I’m going to ask if you can help clarify on a few things. For example, you put your topic as Desktop Support windows. But then you share a link about linux.

  • So is this issue happening on Linux or Windows?

  • Which version/distro?

  • How did you install Brave? (if Linux, share which channel/package you used)

  • Are you using extensions?

  • Does this issue happen in a new profile? (Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd New Profile and test on it without adding extension or changing settings)

  • Can you share screenshots of this happening?

Thanks for the reply,

Currently using Windows 10 Pro but moving over to Linux, its a vanilla install, with all updates, no add on’s or extensions.

I can only see the ico image on Google Chrome, both Edge and Brave do not display, probably nothing but …

google ico

Ooh, ok. I thought you were saying this was happening in the Brave browser. And now that I’m better aware, was able to test and can replicate it as well. Though it only happens on the link and not on any others. That is kind of weird and not sure where it’s pulling from or anything.


I’m just going to tag @steeven though honestly not sure who from Brave to tag in or bring it up. As discussed, this is seeming to happen only with Chrome and no other browser. But whether it’s just something on Chrome’s end or something in the code on Brave’s end is what is unknown. It definitely is weird regardless, especially that as I was testing that it seems to be only that specific link.

Thanks for the reply, its probably nothing, also managed to download Brave for Linux via Flatpak which was my original intention.

Thanks again.