Brave down - DNS-Server not found

I m not can speak english, german Browser and by troble understand klingon Empire english??

Brave Browser Version 1.42.88
DNS-Server not found since seven Days
New Install withe Setup

Data-Version 1.3.361.131 not sucessfull. The Installer have not Internet.
Browser Tor have susessfully Internet, the Brave Installer serarching from installet Brave Browser, can not found DNS-Server.

I search me creepy, speak verry verry bad white Provider. And see here YOU (!) be should white this Theater! Boarrhh, i m verry verry angry! I m transformed me to Hydra! WAT THE HELL … !!!

This should be nominated “Post of the Year”.

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Bot or troll. There are few posts and replies each week in such a manner.


Oh, I see. But it really made me laugh.

german to english translated:
After further investigation and complete blocking of all browsers except “Tor”, all of which could not reach a DNS server, the problem was clarified to the effect that the fault lay with the provider. He caused that. Fixed the issue, everyone is mad at me for stepping on some people’s toes.

german original:
Das Problem wurde nach weitergehender Untersuchung und komplettem Aussperrens sämtlicher Browser außer “Tor” , die alle keinen DNS-Server erreichen konnten, dahin gehend geklärt, das der Fehler beim Provider lag. Der hat das verursacht. Das Problem wurde behoben, alle sind sauer auf mich, weil ich einigen Leuten gehörig auf die Füße getreten bin.

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