Brave dosent show any ad


i have this problem that brave dosent show me any AD since 3 days.

i have activated the rewards and the last version of brave.

Hi @nahuel1995,
Please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

thanks fort that but i couldn’t solve my problems with those tips

Have you received ads in the past? Because if you have never gotten ads, you may have some notification permission issues - try the link below to troubleshoot the problem:

and if that doesn’t work see can you try going to, and forcing the notification to pop up.

yes i had ads a few days

emmm that pop up site works, it show me the notification…so what can be the problem?

maybe re installing brave?

You may have been served all relevant ads in the catalog (according to the algorithm). Ads should resume when the catalog is updated. Give it some time and if you still don’t get any new ads after a few days reach out to us again on Community and we’ll further investigate.

hi! have passed some days and im still having the same problem, dosent show me any ad yet

Are you using a VPN?

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