Brave don't open the old tabs when I start it

Je rencontre un problème depuis quelques temps, quand je ferme Brave, il ne me restaure plus mon ancienne session d’onglet lorsque je l’ouvre a nouveau, alors que dans les paramètres, cela est bien configuré de la sorte.
J’ai l’impression que ce bug est apparu avec la mise a jour qui a introduit la page permettant de choisir le profil que l’on souhaite utiliser.

I have a problem for some time, when I close Brave, it does not restore my old tab session when I open it again, while in the settings, it is well configured so.
I have the impression that this bug appeared with the update which introduced the page allowing to choose the profile which one wishes to use.

Personne pour de l’aide??

Hello @SelfEsteem

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you updated to the latest Brave version? Additionally, please use guest mode to see if the issue persist.

Be waiting for your response!

Je viens a l’instant de faire la mise a jour vers la version 1.49.120; je vais voir si cela a résolu le problème.
Suite a la mise a jour, lorsque j’ai relancé Brave, mes onglets se sont bien réouvert, il faut maintenant que j’essaie en redémarrant le PC.

“I have just updated to version 1.49.120; I will see if this has solved the problem.
Following the update, when I relaunched Brave, my tabs have reopened well, now I have to try by restarting the PC.”

Cela ne fonctionne toujours pas, les onglets ne sont pas restaurés.

“It still doesn’t work, the tabs are not restored.”

it seems you are a tech newbe :slight_smile:
often it helps, when you emtpy all your cache folders.

everytime you install something, there is a cache folder created. if you try to install the same app again and again, and there is no progress, it sounds to me, that there is a error in paths and you always execute the same old shEit, instead of the “new folder (126)”-one :wink: maybe some temp folder behold the error-repeating.

just juse a really simple “cache-delete-app”, and then restart your

I recommend the “TFC” temp file cleaner… just a small executeable, which kills the most common temp folders in windows… and NO, I dont want to scam you, its just an oldfaq advise, to f*** clean your temps :slight_smile:
here´s a brave search for that little helper:

just save all your work, and start the TFC, it closes all apps, and erases the contents of (most) temp folders.
You have no idea, how much scrap and old files are stored on your hard drive… just remember, every picture you see in your browser, is stored in a “temp folder”, and normally emty´d by closing the browser…but it does not work properly!!!
and dont fall for any “suites” that “keep you safe” and all that bullshEit.
If you would know all your temp folders, and clean them regulary, your safety level would climb from the bottom to the top without knowing anything :slight_smile:

sorry for that many words, all what matters is: “keep your temps clean!”
and if you dont know shEit, than just ask PERSONALLY someone who might have a clue. you have a 369% better chance, of NOT getting scammed!

…Damn, what did I just do…

post scriptum
thank you, for reminding me, NOT to use sh*t word… I´ll try to avoid it in the future!

Merci, je vais essayer de nettoyer les fichiers temporaires de windows.
Etant un anciens utilisateur de FireFox pendant plus de 10 ans, je n’avais jamais rencontré un tel problème. En effet, je ne nettoie jamais manuellement le cache, mais ce n’est pas une raison pour que Brave se mette a dysfonctionner…

“Thanks, I’ll try to clean the temporary windows files.
Being a former FireFox user for over 10 years, I had never encountered such a problem. Indeed, I never manually clean the cache, but that’s no reason for Brave to start malfunctioning…”

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