Brave doesn't work for me!



I have just installed Brave v. 0.18.36 on my MacBook Air running Sierra 10.12.6 to see if the promise of a faster, more secure browser was true. Unfortunately, so far, I have been unable to access any webpage. Instead I get a message that the DNS server cannot be found. I have tried changing my DNS server address, but still no result. I suppose I could try re-installing it, but this is not a good start! I have no problems using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on my MacBook, so it must be Brave that is the issue. Any suggestions?


Could you check your firewall settings? I think there’s probably some kind of firewall or network filtering protection that is blocking the application.


Thanks Brian.
I have managed to get it to work now, but it’s very slow so far and not
all my normal websites (webmail etc) work properly on it. I’ll keep trying


Am glad you got it mostly working, was a little patchy for me too in the beginning and still some glitches here and there, but I just tinker with the shields and settings. I am so willing to put up with a little glitchiness when at the end of the day my cookies and cache is basically nil. Getting rid of the internet fleas is fabulous!


I’m certainly looking forward to getting rid of the fleas! Thanks!

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