Brave Doesn't Show in Start Menu for Restricted Account


I installed Brave in the administrator account of my Windows 7 machine. I ran the installation file from the Downloads directory.

Brave installed in the administrator account, enabling running from the Start menu or a desktop shortcut. I ran Brave to make sure that it executed.

Upon returning to my restricted account, Brave did not appear as an option in the Start menu. Neither was there a desktop shortcut. I have installed many apps and 3 other browsers. But, this issue is unique to Brave.

I am inquiring whether I need to install Brave in each Windows 7 account, or whether there is a problem with the installation.


So I ran across the same thing, and played with this on a Win 7 machine.

Run as administrator - actually installs it as/for/on the administrator account in question.

To get it to work for the restricted account, I elevated the restricted user to a local admin.
Ran the install as that user, did all my imports, etc
and then adjusted that restricted users level back to normal


To clarify, you had to run the installation twice, on the administrator and again on the restricted account with privileges temporarily elevated to administrator? Does this essentially work like a Windows 10 app that has to be installed for each user?

Dave Oakeson


apologies if I was not clear.

I do not think you/I had to install it twice, but rather whichever account you run the install as the admin credentials it will install under THAT profile.

so if I had elevated the user first to an admin - and ran it just for that user…it would have worked.

additionally, local user, NOT an admin - since the initial install that user CAN run the updates, with no issue.

I hope that clarifies things


I have the same issue. It appears to install in the AppData folder (seriously?!?) instead of a Programs folder. I need this accessible across logins, and NOT cluttering up the AppData folder (which is for data).

How do I install this across all users on a machine? (Win10)


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