Brave doesn't show images anymore in mastodon since today

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With 4 websites open brave does not show images in mastodon anymore

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a few mastodon sites
  2. Watch the images not appaearing

See images in mastodon websites

installed new today Version 1.48.1 (

Damm fine ipad ios latest

Additional Information:

Brave does not show photos on the Airbnb website also

I am also having issues with some images, certain buttons, and even some text no longer appearing on Brave. The first image of each set shows what Brave (mobile) displays, and the second is what Safari displays.

Testing on my end (iPad OS v16.4, Brave v1.48.1) I’m not seeing any issues with Mastodon or AirBnB. Also @hanscees — you said with “4 websites open” but looking at your active tabs you seem to have “infinite” open tabs (which just means 99+). I would not be surprised if this in itself is causing issues.

@hanscees and @Kommbek Can you please confirm for me the exact version of your OS you’re using at this time? Further, can you please test this behavior in a private browsing window and tell me whether or not this makes any difference?

@SchofieldPriest can you please open your own thread here on Community as your issue seems similar but different enough to warrant its own report?

Thank you

@Mattches I made my own thread for this issue prior, but I thought I would piggyback off of this similar issue since it was gaining more traction. Here is the thread I posted: Brave Browser IOS Will Not Display Icons/Text/Email Bodies

Yes I had infite tabs open because there’s no close all tabs button, or at least I haven’t found that yet.
But I reinstalled brave and the problem remains.
Also in a private tab the problem remains.
Could it be that brave sees the images of mastodon as adds and filters them?
Anyway my ipados is iPadOS 16.3.1 (20D67) and It’s an iPad air. iPad Air (5e generatie)

Also, the strange thing is if I tap on the missing picture it does show the image in full size. So it is downloaded it seems.

Can you please test the behavior with Shields down and see if the images appear? I’m seeing this same behavior now on this and other sites and they seem to be caused by having Shields up.

Thank you

Yes shields down resolves this :+1:

I can confirm… the issue is with the shields. Look:

Shields up:

Shields down:

Thank you all for confirming. I believe its specifically the Cross-site trackers protection in Shields that’s causing this. I’ve opened an issue for the developers to assess and resolve this here:

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For me the images on Airbnb appear normally. I’m using version 1.50.114.

This should be fixed now

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