Brave doesn't quit

I have set Brave to clear data on exit. The problem is that Brave doesn’t quit, the window disappears and the application just “freezes”. I then have to force quit and the when I reopen the browser it tells me that the browser didn’t shut down properly and if I wont to restore the last session.

brave: 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Officiel version) (64-bit)
macOS: 10.14.4

@mattches please any comment

Sorry but can you tell me what what the link to Clear on exit is? Does the browser close normally when you don’t clear any data on exit?

Also, are you closing closing the app or quitting the app when it freezes?

I know it isn’t my issue I think he means clear cache and session on exit

@Dgenies, I understand that – the problem seems to be that the browser is freezing when he quits (or closes) it. The only thing linking the problem to the Clear on exit feature is that he said it in the beginning:

I’m assuming that the browser quits normally when no data is checked there – but thats the type of thing you should confirm first, I think.

@the-brave-new-world, while I’m here again,
If the browser is freezing when [quit or closed] only when you have set data to clear on exit, does it make a difference which data gets deleted? Or does it not matter if its one box or all boxes checked?

I have this problem too. @Mattches , you are correct - the browser is freezing when quitting (or closing). For me, when there is no data, it closes fine. When there is data, it doesn’t. I will check what happens if there’s minimal data - haven’t done that yet. I have 1 extension - stop HTML autoplay.

**tested minimal data and it closes fine. Appears to be after a session of being online.

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Thanks for your assistance – if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that this only happens after a decent amount of browsing/browsing data has accrued? But does this cause the browser to freeze on close in general, or is this still linked specifically to when browsing data gets cleared on exit?

Thanks for the speedy response @Mattches! You guys rock :slight_smile: Yes, it only happens after a decent amount of browsing and appears to be linked to cleared on exit (OP’s description sounds exactly like my problem). I’m on a mac - 10.14.5 now but happened with 10.14.4 also. I haven’t tried turning off the external extension (auto HTML) but could do that later. Let me know if there’s anything I can do on this side - be happy to :slight_smile: I miss doing tech support LOL - it was fun to follow the trails and find the solution! Thanks again!

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:point_up: It really is fun sometimes isn’t it? I personally love puzzles and problem solving in any form it may take so doing this for a living is just :ok_hand:

Definitely try without the extension and also try checking only 1 of the boxes for data to be cleared on exit – I’m wondering if a specific set of data is causing the browser to halt when it gets removed.

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